2011 MLS All-Star Game V. Manchester United


20ll MLS All-Star Team: Does the U.S. soccer player suck so bad that Manchester United should spank them 4-0? Well, here is the nitty gritty 2 minute rant that is some cold truth. It is about hunger and focus. Shoot, if Kyle Beckerman, a white guy with dreadlocks is on the team, right away, I see a focus issue. First off, I have only love for my “W.A.S.P.-afarian” brothers and sisters. I just think that a white dude with dreads has other things goin on in his life like perhaps bong-hits, kind veggie burritos and waiting for a miracle concert ticket. As an opposing player, they don’t intimidate me and make me think that they have more of the will to win than I do. Just sayin. I am leavin my prejudices out there. Bob Marley was a soccer player. but he was known for his music. If you are going to be truly great and a master at a sport and beat Manchester United at their game, you have to be single-minded from an early age.
more rants in this video.

Here’s the highlight reel.

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2011 MLS All-Star, Kyle Beckerman

2011 MLS All-Star, Kyle Beckerman: Picture of drive, determination and...?

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