Awesome Ski Workout Atomic Giveaway


Awesome Ski Workouts have a giveaway every time. You take away exhaustion and a pain in the glutes.
Jen Smith at Full Throttle Fitness is a testimony to the saying, “What does not kill you makes you stronger.” If you comment below and with the correct number of times somebody says the word “Awesome,” and describe YOUR favorite ski exercise, You will be entered to win an ATOMIC hoodie pictured in the video.
Thanks for praying for snow…. IT WORKED!

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Awesome Ski Workouts help you ski awesomely

How many “awesomes” did you hear? What exercises do you like? Tell us in the comment section and be entered to win an Aqua Atomic Hoodie in the video.

Win a hoodie like this

2 Responses to Awesome Ski Workout Atomic Giveaway

  1. Ellen Kenny-Culp says:

    Pat, what awesome exercises! Chris and I loved the ski squats and have renamed them “chick pissing in the woods” We counted someone saying awesome 11 times. We plan on trying out some of those moves to get ready for our first day on the slopes, not getting here fast enough if you ask me!

  2. Ellen! That is a great name for the Ski Squat Exercise! I love it. When you are at Homewood, in the trees, un-click from your bindings before you do that exercise to avoid embarrassment

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