Beaver-Bowl-Banzai Results


The Rahlves, Beaver-Bowl Banzai results will be posted here on Saturday, January 22nd by 3:30 pm, Pacific, Straight from Alpine Meadows!, Lake Tahoe!

Mens Skiers to race on Sunday(in order):
1. Errol Kerr, C. haskel, J Hanley, J. Maddex, C. Moffatt, D. Zeffaro, B> DEvine, B, Nyman, M. Torrie, C. McKean, A. Shawn, R. Farmin, M. Cullen, J. Water, C. Hernandez, T. Queen, J. Smith, B. Sheehan, M. Gadomski, T. Hunter, A. Thorne, G. Collins, M. Caston, G. Hovorka, M. Weiner, T. Wolfe, E. Haines, S. Horn, J. Schou, J. Lim, N. Suarez, T. Bachman 1:23.01

Womens Skiers to race on Sunday:

Women Ski:
Caitlin Robb 1:16.94, R. Kristina, S. Rahlves, M. Gill, L. McNeil, S.Robertson, A.Robb, R. McElroy, A. Keefe, Q.A. Young, J. Allen, C. Georges, L. Suen, C. Prescott, K. Durfee, D. Keith 2:26.27

Men Board:
Grahm Watanabe 1:24.50, Nate Holland, S. Duclos, M. Clark, B. Bozack, C. Meyers, R. Findon, J Kosich, T. Alexander, D. Krenicki, K. Davis, E. Ryan, R. Folsom, J. Cahill, N. Langkamp, J,Burrill, S. Tetzlaff, T. Foster, A. Cullen 4:44.57

Women Board:
Alison Martin 3:02.03, Amanda Spence, Courtney Baker, 5:09.28

Mens Skier Champs: 1.Marcus Caston, 2. Eroll Kerr, 3.Brian Sheehan
Women’s Skier Champs 1. Shannon Rahlves, 2 . Shelly Robertson, 3. Chloe Georges

Mens Snowboard Champs1, Sylvain Duclos, 2. Gram Watanabe 3. Matt Clark

Womens Snowboard Champs 1.Alison Martin, 2.Courtney Baker, 3. Amanda Spence

Here are the Champs

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