Become a Soccer Fanatic


If you aren’t already, this video will make you one. A raging, prideful, patriotic, thoughtful player.

More posts on the groups start tomorrow. This is for you to relax with and enjoy.
Thanks for being here. It’s okay if you get choked up watching this video and a grin takes over your face.

This pic is of the Confederations cup, Last year, in South Africa! The US lead Brasil for 64 minutes and it was 2-0 at the Half! Well, it ended 3-2 Brasil.

Where were YOU last World Cup? Leave a comment!

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  1. Great Video…very inspirational. I remember watching the world cup in various places. I and my family (with our cousin from Australia) were in South Lake Tahoe for a couple of games but the thing that stands out most for me was the U.S. vs. Italy game (we were at home watching) where the referee actually sent off two U.S. players during the game.

    I don’t remember specifically the circumstances but I certainly remember a few things about that game that stick in my emotions. I remember a number of bogus calls…one being a red card that was not deserved.

    Another very strong memory I have is that the U.S. team fought valiantly with nine players. It was an exceptional display of courage and heart.

    I was convinced and still am that the referees called a biased game and that had it been called fairly the U.S. would have gone on to win that game. I actually lost some interest in the World Cup after that game mainly because I don’t think Italy had any business going on.

    Just to be clear…had I watched that game with Italy and any other opponent…I would have viewed it the same way. It was a poorly called game and it is one of those rare occasions where the referees did dictate the outcome.

    Another very recent example is (not mentioning Henry’s hand ball) when the referee did not call offside on Drogba in the latest Manchester UTD/Chelsea game. It is impossible to miss it since he was 2-3 feet offside on a short pass to him. The AR seemingly chose to disregard it. It could cost Manchester UTD the league cup. I know that referees make tons of mistakes and I am okay with it. However…there are times when I think it goes beyond making mistakes when it is hard to stomach.

    Don’t get me wrong…I love the game, I simply get irritated at some of the irregularities when a referee seems to have a fairly apparent bias.

    One last thought about the Italy/U.S.A. game. The referee had been banned for four years earlier in his career for calling games in order to try to cause one team to win over another. Why he was allowed to be a referee at that level of play is beyond me…especially when it hadn’t been much time that he had been back at it.

    Okay…none of this was humorous…sorry!

  2. I watched that game, with 5 people crowed into the bow-cabin of my parents’ sailboat. We were in the marina yelling and the folks at the dock had no idea what was going on. We were texting back and forth to Italy to cousins and friends. Everybody was disgusted but the US earned a lot of respect.
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