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Awesome Ski Workout Atomic Giveaway


Awesome Ski Workouts have a giveaway every time. You take away exhaustion and a pain in the glutes.
Jen Smith at Full Throttle Fitness is a testimony to the saying, “What does not kill you makes you stronger.” If you comment below and with the correct number of times somebody says the word “Awesome,” and describe YOUR favorite ski exercise, You will be entered to win an ATOMIC hoodie pictured in the video.
Thanks for praying for snow…. IT WORKED!

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Awesome Ski Workouts help you ski awesomely

How many “awesomes” did you hear? What exercises do you like? Tell us in the comment section and be entered to win an Aqua Atomic Hoodie in the video.

Win a hoodie like this

Skiing and Staying Stoked with Jonny Moseley


This Post will help you to stay stoked and it could just be the thing that makes it snow finally.

There is only one thing that you can really control…… Your attitude. You can’t make it snow or improve conditions. So you work on yourself. Improve your game. Challenge Yourself.

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Jonny Moseley says skiing and being stoked depends on you, not the snow.

Ski and Pray For Snow and Lift Tickets


Ski and Pray for snow and lift tickets. Repeat…
We need snow! You need free lift tickets to Kirkwood. You want Atomic and Orage T-shirts, hoodies and gear!
This is how you win it: Put your prayer in a haiku format. You remember 7th grade, Poetry class, right?
Syllables totaling 17. in 3 lines.

Here’s one:

Christmas trees are nice.
Christmas trees with presents, rock!
skis under the tree.

For another example of how you can win with a sweet Pray-for-snow haiku, click here.

Post it on this Facebook page for M2 Sales. They are giving you Atomic and Orage gear that will warm your heart and chest and arms too!
The most likes before December 17th at midnight wins!

Step 1: Write something and share it here and here (
Step 2: Tell as many friends as you want, to go here and “like” the page and “like” your poetry.
Step 3: Pray, go to Kirkwood’s site and page and the M2 Sales page and Check to see that you won, on Friday!

First place a pack of 2, Unrestricted lift tickets for the 2011-2012 ski season at Kirkwood!
2nd, 3rd and 4th place get Atomic and Orage hoodies, T-shirts and hats to look hot everywhere you go this season. Let’s face it, when you look hot, you shred better, too.

All prizes will be picked up at the Kirkwood Mountain Resort or handled whatever way you want them to be. Perhaps USPS or meet Pat at a dive bar near HWY 50…

Win 2 Unrestricted lift tickets! Write a Poem on the page!

2nd, 3rd 4th place

Why the contest?- Contests are fun. We love Kirkwood. We just started the M2 Facebook page and are building out the site. We want to change the world, one pair of skis or one warm jacket at a time. You can help. Join the movement! We love you. Thanks!

Skiing and Haiku Prayers for Snow


It is important to pray and have faith that your prayers will be answered.
Enjoy a good laugh but after,……… Pray!

Pray for snow and what you ask in faith will be given untu you and all your ripping friends.

Skiing and Dry Land Training


Skiing and Dry Land Training go hand in hand. if you want to do well this ski season, you better be training. You should train like Reid Lambres and Michael Duhain, from Ponderosa High School Ski Team. I caught up with them outside Warren Millers, “Like There’s No Tomorrow.” Here’s what they had to say:

Share this with people so they can get out and run and get ready. The snow is about to fall!… I hope it is. I believe it is. Please, God, Send the snow!


Squaw Valley Opening Day with Sarah Scott


Squaw Valley Opening Day! Awesome. To ski with Sarah Scott, a new skier with Atomic, double awesome. Sarah Scott drops her thoughts on the season, her big move to Squaw from Alta, Utah and what makes a great burrito!

Sarah Scott’s ideal burrito after a long day of skiing and hucking fat pillow lines:
Definitely a carnitas wet burrito! Start with an oversized flour tortilla, throw in some mexican rice, carnitas, frijoles negros, sour cream, guac, salsa then roll it up and top it with Jaliscos delicious enchilada sauce.

This Bomber burrito is the perfect apres' item for Sarah Scott

Skiing and Rahlves


Skiing and Rahlves. Daron Rahlves knows ski racing and freeskiing and ski cross and skis…. He tells you about the Banzai Tour Race expansion and takes “calls” from the live studio set up outside the Warren Miller showing of, “Like There’s No Tomorrow, ” in Sacramento. Timy Dutton crashes into the set and talks some trash that we will release in another ski video.
Have fun this season! The stoke is building!

Click here for the Rahlves Banzai Tour info.
Click here for info on the newest and best touring binding in the world from Atomic.

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And Ski with Daron Rahlves this year at the Banzai but hag out at the movies to with Timy Dutton.

Time-Saving Workouts For Busy Skiers and Soccer Players


I’ve been adjusting my schedule to accommodate work/business and family and play and keep the hierarchy of important things in order. It is no joke I often sacrifice my workout because I am busy. It is a trap. Stuff begins to fall apart. Here are two videos that break down some killer, short workouts; 1 cardio and metabolism revving and the other core. Enjoy. There are millions like these on line. Use these and do a quick search so that when you have 15 minutes, you can get in a quickie. At he end, I want to say a quick thanks and include some good tips from some great friends.



I want to say thanks to some great peeps for cool advice. I put this out on Facebook and I got some good feedback:
“Advice for fitting in a daily workout when you are busy as hell?”
Casady M. Henry You have to make an appointment with yourself, and treat it as you would an appointment with anyone else. Honor the time.
Beverly McGregor Monical Schedule it just like everything else and don’t break the appointment. It’s important for your longevity!
Piper Gray-Jackson Get up at 4:30 like I do & go to the gym. If I don’t get it done in the morning chances are its not happening. Life w/3 kids keeps me busy during the day. Good
Jason Korich Run everywhere!!!
Rob Glatthaar Get a job doing labor. I never hear laborers wishing they had time to workout.
Rachel Pond Camero Just commit to making it happen. Time is not something you have, it’s something you make.
Eric Vahle Make it a priority like eating, sleeping, showering, etc. You’ll find it begins to become routine and time becomes less of a problem. My experience anyway…
Kristen Williams Lunge instead of walking and do 10 burpees every hour :)
Jeff Galvin Clean house in a hurry: fast walking, lifting, bending, stretching, scrubing, lunging. House really clean and exercise done.
Jason Lievore Yup 4:30′s the answer I get up every morning and go to the gym. Never thought going so early was something I could do or like but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love it!!
Angela Derobertis Howe Working on the 16th floor.
Dawn E Leyva I have just started exercising again, and I find it easiest to literally fall out of bed and start with sit-ups on the floor!

Thanks Gang! We all love a good workout!

You can DO IT! Make the time for your work out!

Tony The Tiger Lopez Round 2


Tony The Tiger Lopez breaks it down in Round 2 with his advice for handling your business, what he is most proud of and his other exploits and ideas. Besides cracking you up, this will help you elevate your game.


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Tony The Tiger Lopez Shares his Truth

Tony The Tiger Lopez Round 1


Tony The Tiger Lopez catches up with you over lunch, in the back of his Bail Bonds office in Sacramento. He answers some meaty questions about fight philosophy and real-life applications. This is Round 1, first in the series of Tony, the Tiger, Lopez advice to uplift your game. He includes where he likes to ski in Tahoe. Turns out the footwork you need in the ring, translates right to the ski hill.

Tony Lopez Shares his winning strategies

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