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Timy Dutton Tips

Timy Dutton gives his advice on dryland training and fueling up on powder days.

Timy Dutton shows you how to land some tricks. He is doing dryland progressions and training at Woodward Tahoe. He leave you with some diet tips for training and non stop skiing on powder days. This year, he must be glad to have gotten in the training he has. There has been no shortage of Powder days. We are excited about trying the hard-boiled egg tip!

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Timy Dutton gives his advice on dryland training and powder days.


Back Country Ball at Sugar Bowl

Best Touring Binding

At the intersection of fun and education, the most learning takes place. The Backcountry Ball at Sugar Bowl was a hit. Listen to what the Sierra Avalanche Center guys say. Right after this, there was the tragedy at Donner Ski Ranch, (Right next-door) and the accident at Alpine Meadows. Be safe and err on the side of caution, Freshies aren’t worth the altering of all the lives of your loved-ones.
On the lighter side, the new Atomic, touring binding is reviewed and Daron Rahlves gives some good turns in a POV cam. Happy New Year!



Atomic Tracker binding is the best touring binding.

The Sports Show to Change the World


The ski season is ON! It just dumped 4 feet of fresh near Sugar Bowl and Halloween is next week!
We are stoked! This is the Sizzle reel for ESPN and the Discovery Channel to hopefully fight over and help us to get the message out.

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Having fun with friends and getting advice from pros is what we love!

Spyder Ring Of Fire Tour


Daron Rahlves touring binding is the Atomic Tracker Binding.


Spyder corp has put on a cool adventure that happens to run along with the California State Standards for Science. Daron Rahlves, Jess McMillan and Chris Davenport are climbing 17 volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest. Follow their blogging trail, here. The awesome thing is that they have corresponded with 6th graders about Earth Science and fun stuff about their trip.

Here are the questions:

Here is the link to Daren’s response here.

Daron Rahlves, Jess McMillan and Chris Davenport earn their turns

Big Truck Hats Pow POV


Big Truck Hats has an awesome story. Galen Gifford shares it here, on the KT22 Chair at Squaw and ripping pow turns on Red Dog. The Garage is the best room in the house and the brands that start in the garage are the best. Big Truck is killing it and growing. Take any success principle from this video and run with it.

Galen Gifford and Big Truck Hats. Passion, friendship, love, Awesome.

2013 Ski Review Atomic Ritual and Atomic Millennium


2013 Ski Review Atomic Ritual and Atomic Millennium! You think technology has slowed or plateaued? It is getting driven up and over the top. We tested out the new 2013 skis this year at Alpine Meadows and Atomic came out far and above all the skis we rode. Two of our favorite all-mountain skis are the Atomic Ritual and Atomic Millennium. In these short videos, we tell you why. Up next is the technology that is driving these skis. here is the stoke and performance described in the new, 2013 Atomic Ritual and Atomic Millennium ski review.

The 2013 Atomic Millennium with Sarah Scott!

And here are the 2013 Atomic Rituals!

Ripping the Atomic Millennium and Atomic Rituals- Available NEXT year.

Skiing and Bryce Bennett USA Ski Team Diet

Bryce Bennett Eats to Ski Fast


Skiing and Bryce Bennett at Squaw Valley… While he was home on vacation from the rigors of the World Cup Circuit, we caught up and talked a lot about life and the breakfast, lunch and dinner of a top-level ski racer. Oh yeah, and how much water to drink.
We hope you learn something here about what you should be eating for skiing and success on the hill. We also show his killer Atomic Coax skis.

Check out Bryce’s blog and see if he is posting!

Bryce Bennett eats 8 eags a day!

Rahlves Banzai Tour 2012 Alpine Meadows Tour Date Change


The snow is here but it is not deep enough yet to cover obstacles on the course of the Alpine Beaver Bowl Banzai. So the dates have been pushed back to the 23rd and 24th of February. Daron Rahlves explains and there is some cool POV shots. including a face shot at the end!

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Daron Rahlves Checks the Banzai Course at Alpine Meadows

Awesome Ski Workout Atomic Giveaway


Awesome Ski Workouts have a giveaway every time. You take away exhaustion and a pain in the glutes.
Jen Smith at Full Throttle Fitness is a testimony to the saying, “What does not kill you makes you stronger.” If you comment below and with the correct number of times somebody says the word “Awesome,” and describe YOUR favorite ski exercise, You will be entered to win an ATOMIC hoodie pictured in the video.
Thanks for praying for snow…. IT WORKED!

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Awesome Ski Workouts help you ski awesomely

How many “awesomes” did you hear? What exercises do you like? Tell us in the comment section and be entered to win an Aqua Atomic Hoodie in the video.

Win a hoodie like this

Skiing and Staying Stoked with Jonny Moseley


This Post will help you to stay stoked and it could just be the thing that makes it snow finally.

There is only one thing that you can really control…… Your attitude. You can’t make it snow or improve conditions. So you work on yourself. Improve your game. Challenge Yourself.

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Jonny Moseley says skiing and being stoked depends on you, not the snow.