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The Netherlands and Germany or Spain- The FIFA 2010 World Cup Finals!


Germany and Spain are about to play and the winner will play The Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup Final! Holy smokes it has been a good month. The Goal Kick Soccer Shop in Sacramento is where we went to get the advice from the pros on who will win and why the officials have sucked so bad and how it is a forgone conclusion that technology will be in the goal here soon.


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Can Germany do it?

World Cup 2010 Germany Beats England and America is Out!


Holy Smokes! This has been an amazing World Cup! The upsets have been profound. I have an idea for instant replay for FIFA. I will put it in my next post.

The US Beat Algeria and top group C!

[tweetmeme] What looked like a script from the movie Rocky or Rudy, could not have been topped! In extra time, the US (Donovan) scores and sends the Algerians home and the World into a frenzy. In this game, too, a goal was called back that was clear and perfect. The US proves that tenacity and grit always pay off. Now, They are out for the trophy and can do it.

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The Rocky theme song should be in your head right now.

Watch Highlights Here.

World Cup Group Stage Review


Lessons are learned on the playing field. 1, learn every day and 2, Always take your shot.

On our way, driving to South Africa, between asking for directions, we got a chance to talk a lot about what we like about the Cup so far. What are your favorites? leave a comment.

Maradona and Pre-World Cup Friendlies


Diego Maradona, the coach of Argentina? Yes he is. Last week, he ran over a reporter and shortly after, promised to run naked through the streets of Buenas Aires after winning the World Cup.
We have the video of it all first! Here! At the bottom of the post!


Holy smokes. Here is the video of Diego Maradona running over the reporter and is outrageous remarks.
Can this man coach the best players in the world?
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What the heck is Argentina thinking with this Knucklehead as their coach?

World Cup 2010 Results


We know who will win! We promise we are right or you can buy us a beer. We guarantee it!

People have strong feelings and you can use them in your office pools or in Vegas.

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World Cup Group H


It is a total Latin group; Spain, Honduras, Chile and Switzerlando! Who will go through? Well, with one team, there is agreement. For the others, we have to see what the “Word-on-the-Pitch” is.

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World Cup Group G!


Is the Brazilian coach nuts? Time will tell. There are some business principles that he violates and make my gut tell me that they are going down. I’ll tell you why.
Friendship first. Agendas second… That’s why.

Dunga, Brasil’s coach, is eliminating Ronaldinho and Pato from the team.
Theses are huge mistakes. They are huge players; Attacking forces of nature. They will be at home because of personal differences. The whole country could be let down. If you act with this form of leadership in life, you let a lot of people down rather than let great players step up.

anyway, Look at this girl. She is the voice of the future and makes me regret my comments about commies in our show. All politics aside, North Korea may have something to them this year.

World Cup Group F


You are gonna be surprised at what we say about this group. It is not as much of a give-away as you might think.

PLUS it is our FIRST, LIVE AUDIENCE SHOW! Live from Pollock Pines!

World Cup Group E for EVERYBODY!


This tournament is going to be HOT! It’s like a box of chocolates in group E.

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Here is where you can see what the teams look like on paper.

What 2 will go through? You make sense of this.