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Group D, “The Group of Death.”


Germany, Australia, Ghana, Serbia- Dominant teams.
Who will make it through?

We have some predictions that may leave you amazed!

There has been so much behind-the scenes learning that has gone into these predictions. Did I say “Behind the scenes,” or “Behind the pint?”

Will you pick Germany too? Don't be so sure.

Group C England V USA and Slovenia V Algeria!


There is a lot of beer on the line with this group. If you comment who you think will win this group, and they do, I will send you a beer. Steven Remembers 1950 when he was in his twenties and the US upset England. If it happens again and he will kick down a twelver of Sierra Nevada.


England looks good but can they play well against the US?

This is a preview to what will happen in the England V USA game.
I can taste the Sierra Nevada now.

Please share and tweet this. For the love of the game.

Become a Soccer Fanatic


If you aren’t already, this video will make you one. A raging, prideful, patriotic, thoughtful player.

More posts on the groups start tomorrow. This is for you to relax with and enjoy.
Thanks for being here. It’s okay if you get choked up watching this video and a grin takes over your face.

This pic is of the Confederations cup, Last year, in South Africa! The US lead Brasil for 64 minutes and it was 2-0 at the Half! Well, it ended 3-2 Brasil.

Where were YOU last World Cup? Leave a comment!

World Cup 2010 Group B


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Argentina, Nigeria, Korea and Greece- What the hell do we know? It’s all conjecture, but from a couple of skier/ soccer players who play and watch the game, it is more than your grandma knows about the upcoming tournament. Group B.


Ugly French dudes make the game interesting.

Group A World Cup!


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We hook you up on what is going to happen with group A. Who do YOU think will make it through?


Here is the abreviated semi-final for the Champion’s League.

Get Ready for the World Cup!


Holy Smokes- less than 60 days left! Are you ready? This video gives you a little sneak peak into the action. Plus, This begins our commitment to being the most off-the-wall-World Cup commentary show on the web!

This starts the first installment of the posted mayhem surrounding the matches. I want to personally tell you that I want to earn your desire to make your first stop in your quest for World-Cup action!