Crushers College!

"Did we give up when the British bombed Pearl Harbor?... Hell No!"

College? What the…?

Yep it’s true. It’s on. Get your Greek letters out.

It will be far more life-changing and practical than four years and a BS though.

Does this mean that you will be going on a road-trip and sleep on your friend’s couch?

The Daily Crushers, Bruce Backman, Heather Taskovics, Phil Jackson, Debbie Wood and Patrick McIntosh, have put it all together to activate total and complete World-Domination.  Once you’re a Crusher College grad, you may be invited to become an adjunct faculty member yourself!

Tribe syndication is fun and helpful. But do you have a band of professional fighters who will get their hands bloody with you and help you really win?

You are about to.

The Daily Crushers have selected you to participate in this -Never-Before-Heard-of Training that is practical and programmed to add income to you while branding you as an expert in your field and attracting herds of people to you, eager to pay you for what you know.
By the way, Don’t share this secret page with anybody. You were invited here.

The infrastructure of webinar-hosting-web-design-affiliate systems and help is in place for you to take ownership of and grow into the leader that you have been called to become.

We are only opening this training to 10 “professors” who have the capacity to kick some butt NOW and want to have the following in a month.

Yes, 4 weeks.

Your Product to Market: From conception to mass-sales complete with rabid affiliates working and making money for you.

YOU positioned and branded as a leader. You “wrote the book on XYZ.”

You have the affiliate position to market beginning at the first generation of the Crushers College Course, have leadership AND revenue.

Have the opportunity to teach what you learn to others, have large exposure and future leadership if you so desire.

A fine-tuning of your operation from blog tweaks to sales funnels that generate sales and leads.

Here’s what you get:

Your textbook: Crush It

Five of you will really be stoked. Look at the bonus-section at the bottom.

A personal coach that will walk you through what you need to build your product and polish your entire marketing system.

A mastermind group that will hold your hand through the entire progression of your product creation and provide tools necessary for execution, including Go-to-Webinar access and Nanacast affiliate structuring.

A weekly class-meeting and your personal time to get your needs met.

Commissions on future sales of ALL Crusher Products and continual, ongoing sales of your own work!

Here is the Course Sylabus:

Create Great Content
1. types of products: audio, video, ebook, webinar, “college course”, membership sites, interview etc…and learning how to convert your basic product into 5 or more other products.

Success is in your DNA
2. Steps of creating your product…brainstorming ideas, creating a mind map, contacting someone to interview, honing down the ideas into a workable structure, creating an outline, creating a deadline, breaking down the “to-dos”, taking action on the actual creation…keeping your goal and timeline in sight

Choose Your Platform
3. tools for creating your product…video capabilities, simple movie making software, audio editing…how to use these

Create Community: Digging Your Internet Trench
4. setting up affiliates or J.V. partnerships, using the Daily Crushers, using other tribes to market your product

Start Monetizing
5. creating bonus offers for your product and coming up with ideas of being able to give huge value—how to give your product that extra edge so that it will sell

6. marketing your product through your blog, learning the basics of copywriting and setting up landing pages

Bonus that even Gary Vaynerchuk does not hit.
7. ppc marketing ideas for your product setting up email responders and building your list to continue to market your product forever…and then doing it all again.

This course is getting priced right now. We are making it as low of price to cover our costs and priced way below what it is worth so we can over-deliver to you; one of the best, most-active, capable Crushers.

We want to keep this class small- 10 People Maximum. We want to ensure the projects get done well and that you are making mad-money from them.

This will go live on Wednesday at 7:00 am Pacific for you to get enrolled.

At that time you can secure your spot.

Bonus Section:

The first 5 people to enroll in class will get a copy of Crush It signed by Gary.

To let us know you were here and to express interest in claiming your spot, Put yer stuff in the box below here.

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