Daily Crushers College. College Without the Hangover


“The apex of human existence is in college.” I remember telling my dad this when I was like a sophomore- 3rd-year-sophomore. I must have just learned the word, “apex.” I loved school though. Not class, really. I loved the mix, the atmosphere, the way your day could change depending on who you ran into on the way to soccer or the dorm.

That’s why we created the Daily Crushers College. Go back to school and have the mix again. Only this time, without being broke and quite the inverse-to make and help others make a lot of money. Plus without the hangover. Here is a link to Crushers college. I will give it to you cause I am pretty sure that because you are here, you are on the cool side of life. I welcome you here to join the party or support those at the party. Like a good, house party, please invite your friends who are fun to be around and have good character. We are here to have a good time and make a grip of dough and change lives but we don’t want the furniture trashed or anybody to puke on the carpet. You dig? ….Welcome to the Daily Crusher’s College!

Stay in School. Life is better there.

If you want to make some dough promoting the college or the amazing products that are coming out, go here to check in.
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9 Responses to Daily Crushers College. College Without the Hangover

  1. Crushers College Will Be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! You Will Be Missing Out If You Are Not There! Check it out everybody, cause this is gonna be awesome! Go Daily Crushers!
    .-= Spencer Backman´s last blog ..Learning is the Spice of Life =-.

  2. Things are really rockin with Crushers College!!! Can’t wait until the timing is right for me to join. You guys are awesome.
    .-= Debbie Stevens´s last blog ..No Happy Accident =-.

  3. Edward says:

    Hey Patrick,

    Excellent post my friend. You are crushing it for sure. Love the pack to school theme! Keep up the great work.

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,
    .-= Edward´s last blog ..Share Your DREAM Friday – with Special Guest Dreamer Chris Marsh! =-.

  4. Susan Davis says:

    The Crushers College is where it`s at! If you have an idea or you are trying to figure out your passion then Crushers College is the place to be!
    .-= Susan Davis begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting´s last blog ..Two Questions That Could Change Your Life… =-.

  5. Curt Bizelli says:

    Hey bro, I’m looking forward to working on this with you. I assume once I sign up through the link you gave me, I’ll be briefed on the college cirriculum and structure again? Hit me up if you’re interested in more info about the fundraising advertisers OR I’ll be in touch after I sign up here. ;-)
    God’s Speed,
    .-= Curt Bizelli´s last blog ..The Run-Down on Teen Choice Awards 2010- Katy Perry to Host Teen Choice Awards August 9th on FOX and “TC” adds 41 New Categories! =-.

  6. admin says:

    Dude! I am excited to work with you on it too! You bring a lot to the table for it. What a great resource for people in your community, too!

  7. admin says:

    Thanks Susan! It certainly is fun and people are growing forward for real!

  8. admin says:

    Yep, I used to hate this time of year as a kid, until I was in college. Then I loved going back to school!

  9. admin says:

    We will be ready for you when you are! Perhaps you can start the first sorority!

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