Eye of the Hurricane


Go to “Featured Awesomeness” on this site if any of this made sense to you.


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  1. Hey Thanks Patrick…As a former professional personal trainer I know how hard it is for people to not only get up out of the chair or off the couch or whatever to get a work out in but it is equally hard for them to figure out what the heck they are going to do.

    Great to have a tool for people to not only keep them motivated but give them a good solid workout as well. I just had this conversation with my folks last night. Most people don’t even know what they aren’t doing…best to get some help people unless you are very confident in what you are doing. Ask Patrick for sure!
    .-= Bruce Backman´s last blog ..The Christmas Ornament =-.

  2. Debbie Wood says:

    Very interesting. I’ve heard a little about this before. I’ll have to check into it further, thanks Patrick. I belong to Ballys now, but sometimes it’s just really hard to make the effort to get there.

  3. Phil Jackson says:

    Love this blog Patrick. Awesome time to get your stuff together and fitness is at the top of my list.

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