Get Back Up and Get Going!

Life dishes out the hits. Walk it off and get back out there.

Life dishes out the hits. Walk it off and get back out there.

Life is great. Ya know, you get the crap beat out of you and you can decide what to do. You can stay down or you can get up.

Life dishes out the hits. and sends in the clouds for you to see the silver lining in them. Just 11 months ago I decided to not warm up enough before a soccer game. I was going hard from the whistle. I ran hard and stopped quick. SNAP! Life changed for a while.

Well the cadaver that gave me a ligament in my ACL surgery must have been a good soccer player when he was alive cause I got game still.

What I’m really most proud of is that I got up. I got back out there. I didn’t start playing too soon. I did a lot of rehab and rest but the stuff I am most stoked about is that I got up after being knocked down.

What ever has you down after a fall, shirk it off now and get yer @$$ back up! You will get charged up too!

Here is a little video to keep it real.


2 Responses to Get Back Up and Get Going!

  1. brucebackman says:

    Way to go Patrick…I certainly wish our league accepted you young whipper snappers…we would have a blast playing together. I am proud of you! I think you are right…whatever it is…as Winston Churchill once said: “Never, Never, Never, Never give up!” Love you my friend!

  2. admin says:

    Bruce! Thanks! I look forward to a kick-around at the very least! Aint that true- Never give up.
    Keep me in the loop for when your games are btw. It would be fun to get some footage.

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