Group A World Cup!


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We hook you up on what is going to happen with group A. Who do YOU think will make it through?


Here is the abreviated semi-final for the Champion’s League.

3 Responses to Group A World Cup!

  1. You guys are loaded with info. I didn’t know the part about the bus journey for Barcelona…it makes you wonder hmmmmm!

    France is going through…I would bet. I am also rooting for South Africa as well. Henry’s hand ball was unfortunate but life…

  2. admin says:

    Those buses are as comfey as a first class flight. Messi just didn’t deliver. Yeah, I think France will go through too.

  3. @McInpat You guys are really onto it hey!? I’ll be following for the Soccer World Cup 2010 for sure! :)

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