Group C England V USA and Slovenia V Algeria!


There is a lot of beer on the line with this group. If you comment who you think will win this group, and they do, I will send you a beer. Steven Remembers 1950 when he was in his twenties and the US upset England. If it happens again and he will kick down a twelver of Sierra Nevada.


England looks good but can they play well against the US?

This is a preview to what will happen in the England V USA game.
I can taste the Sierra Nevada now.

Please share and tweet this. For the love of the game.

2 Responses to Group C England V USA and Slovenia V Algeria!

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  2. I am sure it will not be a cake walk but I can’t imagine the U.S. not moving out of the initial group stages. I actually think England has a greater chance of faltering than the U.S. If Rooney is not playing well in the first few games…England is in trouble. England relies on Rooney more than the U.S. relies on someone like Donovan. My 2 cents worth!

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