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Welcome to the Playing Field!

You are here! Thanks for being here and congratulations!
There will be no tryouts. In fact, talent is overrated. I don’t have a whole lot of it myself. If you have some hustle and heart, that does more for you and the team anyway.

You know there are people out there who are still trying to look good and get their uniforms spotless and they haven’t even shown up to practice.

This is the spot for you if you have one of the following characteristics:

Appreciate skiing or snow sports in general.

Appreciate Soccer, Calcio, Football, Fussball.

Appreciate helping others.

Like the feeling you get from shows like “The-A-Team” and “Rudy.”

Like to do huge things with your life by doing small things every day.

Would rather play than watch somebody else play.

Think that laughter is some of the best medicine.

Think that the rush of endorphins is the best drug.

Everything here is for you to take with you. Hopefully it will lighten you up and give you access to the next level of play in your life and business and just help you Crush It. (Thanks Gary)


Secret Shred Video By Huck Norris

I stole this vid from Cody Townsend. He rips. You should check out his blog at codytownsend.com

Secret Christian Ronaldo Soccer Video


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