Lower Back Pain is a Pain in the Ass


Lower Back Pain is a BIG Pain in the Ass. Every movement you make relies on your core muscles for support. Brushing your teeth can aggravate some pain if you aren’t careful.
Lower back pain can be prevented with your usual core exercises if you haven’t had some injury that causes the pain. So don’t listen to the advice below if you have had a back injury.
Butt, lower back pain will be alleviated after you listen and do this. This awesome soccer and ski blog has other exercises to help lower back pain.

Lower Back Pain can make you smile like this!

Lower Back Pain can make you smile like this!

5 Responses to Lower Back Pain is a Pain in the Ass

  1. I love the core exercises Tim Ferriss has in his 4 Hour Body book. He really narrows them down to the bare essentials.

    I haven’t had any back problems since I added them into my routine.

    Thanks for the awesome video!
    .-= Debbie Lattuga´s last blog ..Syrah Sierra Vista Winery | Creativity in Business =-.

  2. admin says:

    Wow, Thanks for the tip, Debbie. I am always on the lookout for cool tools!

  3. Lower back pain is…a pain! I usually don’t have problems myself with it, but I’ll be inviting some lower back soreness today. A buddy of mine has a huge maple down in his yard and I’m going to cut it up and eventually split it. Then the stacking.

    Stacking is a literal pain in the back, because you have to repeatedly bend over to pick up the wood and then straighten up to walk and at least at first, bend back down to place it on the stack. Fortunately both cars have seat heaters and that feels good on a sore back.

    Splitting affects my quads big time and the last splitting session I was walking stiff legged for about 1/2 week. I need to do this more.
    .-= The Wisconsin Skier´s last blog ..Wisconsin Ski Map Update =-.

  4. admin says:

    No Kidding! YOu need to do it more. Every year, we do this, too and it is a big pain. It will help your sking-shape, though…

  5. Columbus Kid says:

    I think your right that exercise and stretching can go along way in helping alleviate and better yet prevent back pain and injuries.

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