Phil Mahre, One of USA’s Ultimate Shredders, Interviewed!

maher time magPhil Mahre is one of America’s most accomplished skiers. Gold in the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo with his twin brother, Steve taking silver is what most people know him for but People in the world of skiing know that he has won more overall World Cup Titles than the Brazilian National Soccer Team. Bottom line, he shreds.

In this interview, he drops gold nuggets about business and life success.

He talks about his and Steve’s camp in Deer Valley, Utah and exposes some curriculum.

He also tells you what skiers to watch out for this Olympic year. He has some vested interest in some of them.


Passions for race car driving fuel him while not on skis.

Passions for race car driving fuel him while not on skis.

7 Responses to Phil Mahre, One of USA’s Ultimate Shredders, Interviewed!

  1. Cap't Pat says:

    PJ, It was a cool interview, and he passed on some great information about making sure you are working with GOOD PEOPLE. Who's next for an interview?

  2. brucebackman says:

    Great Stuff Patrick…that is awesome! Phil is one of my heroes from days gone by. I remember hearing a story about he and his brother when I used to teach at Heavenly. I guess he and Steve went over the crest down Gunbarrel and skied in perfect unison and harmony all the way down including through those huge moguls as you get down that run. I was told it was one of those rare sights in life where you are just awe-inspired!

    I loved the interview…thanks for sharing my friend!

  3. The Admiral says:

    PJ – I really enjoyed the interview – nice job. Phil had some good info for all of us.

    – The Admiral

  4. The Admiral says:

    Hi PJ – Great job on the interview; Phil had some good stuff for all of us.

  5. Bruce, That is a great picture that you painted. Those guys shred still. Just a couple years ago, Phil almost made national championships against guys 20+ years younger than him.

  6. Hey Admiral, Great advice he gave. Almost like hearing you talk. Glad you liked it. Stay tuned for more interviews from the skiers he mentioned.

  7. admin says:

    Glad you saw it. I plan on going next season.

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