Skiing and Haiku Prayers for Snow


It is important to pray and have faith that your prayers will be answered.
Enjoy a good laugh but after,……… Pray!

Pray for snow and what you ask in faith will be given untu you and all your ripping friends.

3 Responses to Skiing and Haiku Prayers for Snow

  1. Great and fun Pat! Here is another attempt at a Haiku:

    Great white fluffy snow
    Resting on my great big fro
    Is my prayer and ho(pe)

    Well it didn’t quite work for the rhyme but you get the idea.

  2. P-Mac says:

    Hahaha! Hope should rhyme with fro, just this once. ! Love it!

  3. [...] with presents, rock! skis under the trees. For another example of how you can win with a sweet Pray-for-snow haiku, click here. Post it on this Facebook page for M2 Sales. They are giving you Atomic and Orage gear that will [...]

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