Soccer Fitness- Don’t Let the Bald-Spot Fool You!


This is a new type of post. No video, but a huge reality check- for me anyway. This may get your attention too.

There has been an annoying thing said that I hear from time to time that sounds something like, “I don’t know if I can handle that (physical exercise) like I used to. I’m not that young anymore.”

First off, age has little, if nothing to do with fitness. That comment, noted above is a frikkin excuse for out-of-shape people. It lets them off the hook for not being fit. for after all, they can’t do anything about their age.
I want to give huge shout-outs to some peeps who are killing it with fitness and who are well beyond their twenties. Susan Davis and Debbie Stevens. They are over 30 and they are making huge progress with changing their health and fitness and doing what others are unwilling to do. They have blogs with information to inspire and tools to use to get you looking and feeling like you want to. They take away excuses too so beware. Don’t go to their sites if you think that because you aren’t 25 anymore, you can’t be in shape. Check out their stuff.

Next shout-outs: My brothers on the pitch in El Dorado Hills on Sunday morning. The best players out there are the ones with the salt-and pepper, receding hairlines. You know who you are. You are the ones who make me do that extra squat and sit-up so that I can get closer to scoring on you next weekend.

Thanks for not slipping away like so many other people who graduated the same year in high school as you. You keep the bar high and us “younger-old-dudes” honest and on our game.

Guess who this is a picture of. If you get it right OR you inspire laughter and creativity, I will share your content on Twitter and Facebook everyday for a week and I might even send you a copy of Crush It. Inspire us.

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14 Responses to Soccer Fitness- Don’t Let the Bald-Spot Fool You!

  1. Duh, everyone knows it’s Phil.
    .-= Debbie Lattuga´s last blog ..Six Ways to Increase Running Speed =-.

  2. Hi Pat,

    First of all, I’m rather stunned to be classified as “well beyond my twenties”. Ha! That may be the best compliment I’ve received this year. And I love this post because you are so right, we are never too old to workout – never! And we can stop looking for the fountain of youth – because it is eating healthy and fitness. Duh!
    Is that picture your future self???? Just wondering?
    .-= Debbie Stevens´s last blog ..We Only Have This Moment- Today =-.

  3. Susan Davis says:

    WOW…. “well beyond my twenties” ???? I guess you can get away with that because you are you :). Thanks so much for the shout out Patrick ! It was so unexpected. Am made a promise to myself that I would Fit, Fabulous and Foxy by 50! I am well on my way. It is never too late and you are never too heavy to get moving and make a difference in your life.

    You rock !!!!
    .-= Susan Davis´s last blog ..Exceed Couch to 5k Transformation Week 8 Day 2 =-.

  4. Ha! Lattuga! How do you always win?! Right on you awesome ladies! What great examples you all are. Thanks for being so important to the community!
    .-= Patrick McIntosh´s last blog ..Soccer Fitness- Don’t Let the Bald-Spot Fool You! =-.

  5. I confess. I have no idea who it is. But when my mouse scrolled over the photo, a tag popped up saying Phil now.

    Tee Hee, I cheated. So who is it?
    .-= Debbie Lattuga´s last blog ..EFT Tapping Introduction =-.

  6. Phil Mahre! Dang cheaters! He won lotsa gold in 84 in Sarajevo and has won more world cup downhill events than most. Second only to Bode Miller
    .-= Patrick McIntosh´s last blog ..Soccer Fitness- Don’t Let the Bald-Spot Fool You! =-.

  7. Paul Klaszus says:

    you know… I’ve got a bald spot.. and it grows daily, I’m sure… but gosh darn it, if I ever say “I’m getting old”…

    forget it.. I think you’re old if you ever reduce your life to suggesting such a thing.
    .-= Paul Klaszus´s last blog ..That Secret Ingredient =-.

  8. You’re never too old to live life to the fullest! :)
    .-= Satya Colombo´s last blog ..How to Discover Your True Life Purpose in 10 Minutes- The Passion Maker Test =-.

  9. I also saw that it said “Phil now” when you scrolled over it but I had no idea who Phil was!
    Anyways, keep posting often! I love your blog!
    .-= Spencer Backman´s last blog ..It’s the Little Things that Carry the Most Weight =-.

  10. Bill says:


    I’m sitting here at age 49 nursing a very sore foot. Have no idea exactly what happened, but I suspect it had something to do with playing tennis with a friend of mine the other day. Hadn’t played tennis in years, but it sure was fun. Anyway, although I feel the affects of age, I agree with you that we can always make adjustments for our fitness as we get older, however that may have to look from person to person/issue to issue.

  11. admin says:

    True Bill, True. Personally, I feel I get more out of shape because as I age, I have less time to work out as I have more responsibilities.

  12. admin says:

    Google Phil Mahre and you will be stoked. You remember the 84 winter Olympics? Best dam skier of the decade.

  13. admin says:

    You crack me up with your truthful wit. Look forward to playing soccer with you someday.

  14. admin says:

    Word Up Thanks. Satya.

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