Soccer Player!

Soccer Players! Do you know what futsal is? I didn’t know either. It is mini-soccer, basically. It is indoor-soccer but like on a basketball court-sized field, where the ball can go out-of-bounds.
Bruce Backman- the Del Campo High School(Sacramento/Carmichael, CA) Girls soccer coach, is putting on a tournament. It is April 1,2 and 3rd at Del Campo High School.
If you have a Under-10 through Under-19 boys or girls team and you can make it. You are IN!
Cost is $150 per team. Just call it “mini-soccer,” would ya?! It will eliminate the question that everybody, including myself, ask Coach Bruce Backman.- “What the heck is futsal?”

Sign up here!

By the way, I played Calcetto in Italy. “Calcetto” just means, “mini-soccer” in Italian. no confusion.


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  1. Its gonna be awesome! Can’t wait.

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