Ski Competition Sponsorship Proposal

This partnership is designed to drive massive traffic to a snow-sports site and increase sales and exposure, dramatically. See that big, greenish bar above? picture your logo there, clicking back to your site.

First, have a look at some credentials:

Patrick McIntosh Ski Credentials

1997 PSIA level 1 Certification Carmisch-Partenkirchen,Germany

1998-2000 Ski Instructor Sugar Bowl

2001 Dolomite Ski-Tour Leader Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland

2002 February 15th, GS win Crans Montana, Switzerland

2006-Present Backcountry Sierra Nevada Specialist

2009-Present Social Media Blogging Audience Explosion

- , “Your Chairlift to a Higher-Level of Play”, growing traffic approaching
1000 new visitors per month (Skiing, Soccer, fitness audience)
- Twitter and Facebook audience growing over 2000 friends and followers (Skiing, Soccer, Fitness audience)
- Began in Fall 2010, “Sports With P-Mac” Facebook 113 likes (Skiing, Soccer, Fitness audience)
Athlete Sponsorship Opportunity

You company will receive the following:

1) A minimum of 10 blog posts on prior to and during the event:

Daron Rahlves’ Banzai Race Tour 2011
Beginning on Jan 22, 2011 and hopefully through to final on March 13, 2011.

2) All posts will be syndicated and guaranteed to reach at least 50,000 viewers in the ski industry.
3) All posts will link back to your chosen website

4) Dominate a competitive, local keyword search niche on Google, directing traffic to to boost
internet sales.
5) Signage on Patrick McIntosh’s skis, boots, poles and clothing promoting Land Park
Ski and Sports during the event.
6) Continued blog posts and signage included for at least 2 more Tahoe-based events involving the Nissan, Freeride World Tour

at Kirkwood February 24-27

7) Your banner ad on our site for a year.

Partner/Sponsorship Investment Estimation

$ 100 Daron Rahlves’ Banzai Race Tour 2011 Event Entrance
TBD Signage on gear
500 Skis that Partner/sponsor would like featured (comparable to Atomic Bent Chetler, K2 Hardside Flat, Vokl Mantra or Gotama, Nordica Jah Love or Enforcer) Rocker skis and free ride boots.
400 Boots your company would like featured (comparable to Nordica Hotrod, or Atomic Burner 120)

$ 1000 Total Estimated Investment

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