Summer Health and Fitness


Summer Health and Fitness? What the hell is that? It is easier for me to be on track with my fitness during other parts of the year. In a lot of ways, Summer has been riddled with trips, vacations, visits from family and all- around cool weirdness. Here is a way to not fight this fact and just be active. Plus, some life-saving tips at the end.

For the love of summer, please tweet and share this.


If somebody points a finger at you, three of their fingers are pointing back at themselves.

3 Responses to Summer Health and Fitness

  1. Paul Klaszus says:

    Sahweet! I highly respect you for being able to make that jump. Personally, being afraid of heights, I’d just hold the camera at the bottom.

    But, I can tell you this: if you take me there, I’ll jump it. it’ll be good for me. :)
    .-= Paul Klaszus´s last blog ..The Epidemic of Indecision =-.

  2. Great suggestions, Pat! Why in the world do we have so much trouble in the summer keeping fit when that should be the easiest time of all? Crazy!
    .-= Debbie Stevens´s last blog ..That Feeling of Success =-.

  3. All we have to do is get outside. And of course find a big rock to jump off of.
    .-= Debbie Lattuga´s last blog ..EFT Tapping Introduction =-.

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