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Ski and Pray For Snow and Lift Tickets


Ski and Pray for snow and lift tickets. Repeat…
We need snow! You need free lift tickets to Kirkwood. You want Atomic and Orage T-shirts, hoodies and gear!
This is how you win it: Put your prayer in a haiku format. You remember 7th grade, Poetry class, right?
Syllables totaling 17. in 3 lines.

Here’s one:

Christmas trees are nice.
Christmas trees with presents, rock!
skis under the tree.

For another example of how you can win with a sweet Pray-for-snow haiku, click here.

Post it on this Facebook page for M2 Sales. They are giving you Atomic and Orage gear that will warm your heart and chest and arms too!
The most likes before December 17th at midnight wins!

Step 1: Write something and share it here and here (https://www.facebook.com/m2sales)
Step 2: Tell as many friends as you want, to go here and “like” the page and “like” your poetry.
Step 3: Pray, go to Kirkwood’s site and page and the M2 Sales page and Check to see that you won, on Friday!

First place a pack of 2, Unrestricted lift tickets for the 2011-2012 ski season at Kirkwood!
2nd, 3rd and 4th place get Atomic and Orage hoodies, T-shirts and hats to look hot everywhere you go this season. Let’s face it, when you look hot, you shred better, too.

All prizes will be picked up at the Kirkwood Mountain Resort or handled whatever way you want them to be. Perhaps USPS or meet Pat at a dive bar near HWY 50…

Win 2 Unrestricted lift tickets! Write a Poem on the page!

2nd, 3rd 4th place

Why the contest?- Contests are fun. We love Kirkwood. We just started the M2 Facebook page and are building out the site. We want to change the world, one pair of skis or one warm jacket at a time. You can help. Join the movement! We love you. Thanks!

Squaw Valley Opening Day with Sarah Scott


Squaw Valley Opening Day! Awesome. To ski with Sarah Scott, a new skier with Atomic, double awesome. Sarah Scott drops her thoughts on the season, her big move to Squaw from Alta, Utah and what makes a great burrito!

Sarah Scott’s ideal burrito after a long day of skiing and hucking fat pillow lines:
Definitely a carnitas wet burrito! Start with an oversized flour tortilla, throw in some mexican rice, carnitas, frijoles negros, sour cream, guac, salsa then roll it up and top it with Jaliscos delicious enchilada sauce.

This Bomber burrito is the perfect apres' item for Sarah Scott

Killer Hamstring Stretch


This Hamstring Stretch will prevent a big pain in the @$$. Soccer players and skiers aren’t the only ones that can benefit from these.

avoid being a big pain in the @$$! -Tweet and share this please!