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Awesome Ski Workout Atomic Giveaway


Awesome Ski Workouts have a giveaway every time. You take away exhaustion and a pain in the glutes.
Jen Smith at Full Throttle Fitness is a testimony to the saying, “What does not kill you makes you stronger.” If you comment below and with the correct number of times somebody says the word “Awesome,” and describe YOUR favorite ski exercise, You will be entered to win an ATOMIC hoodie pictured in the video.
Thanks for praying for snow…. IT WORKED!

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Awesome Ski Workouts help you ski awesomely

How many “awesomes” did you hear? What exercises do you like? Tell us in the comment section and be entered to win an Aqua Atomic Hoodie in the video.

Win a hoodie like this

Soccer Player and Skier-Killer Core Workout


Soccer Players and Skiers aren’t the only ones to benefit from this Killer, Core Workout! I title these posts with “Soccer Player and Skier” for good S.E.O. tactics. So if you are a ping-pong player, you can do this exercise and start improving your backhand, too. Dan Pierce at Full Throttle Fitness delivers core workouts that include these exercises on a regular basis. If you can’t make it to his gym, you can pick cool stuff up here.


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Skier, Soccer Player- Killer Core Workout!

Killer Core Exercise Ala Laird Hamilton


Laird Hamilton is one of the best athletes of our time and a true pioneer of surfing. He taught me a great core exercise that is crucial to do in all sports- soccer and skiing or foos-ball, You need this exercise. Plus, there is a bonus, free exercise thrown in at the end pioneered by my buddy Mark McDonald that will take you to the next level.


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Would you exercise like a guy who rides waves like this?