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Daily Crushers College. College Without the Hangover


“The apex of human existence is in college.” I remember telling my dad this when I was like a sophomore- 3rd-year-sophomore. I must have just learned the word, “apex.” I loved school though. Not class, really. I loved the mix, the atmosphere, the way your day could change depending on who you ran into on the way to soccer or the dorm.

That’s why we created the Daily Crushers College. Go back to school and have the mix again. Only this time, without being broke and quite the inverse-to make and help others make a lot of money. Plus without the hangover. Here is a link to Crushers college. I will give it to you cause I am pretty sure that because you are here, you are on the cool side of life. I welcome you here to join the party or support those at the party. Like a good, house party, please invite your friends who are fun to be around and have good character. We are here to have a good time and make a grip of dough and change lives but we don’t want the furniture trashed or anybody to puke on the carpet. You dig? ….Welcome to the Daily Crusher’s College!

Stay in School. Life is better there.

If you want to make some dough promoting the college or the amazing products that are coming out, go here to check in.
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Get Ready for the World Cup!


Holy Smokes- less than 60 days left! Are you ready? This video gives you a little sneak peak into the action. Plus, This begins our commitment to being the most off-the-wall-World Cup commentary show on the web!

This starts the first installment of the posted mayhem surrounding the matches. I want to personally tell you that I want to earn your desire to make PatrickMcIntosh.com your first stop in your quest for World-Cup action!

Tahoe Booze Cruise Review


A lot can be learned with Gary at winelibrarytv.com and we are up to some great stuff here with some exciting drinks. Put on your thinking caps and see if you can understand anything here.


To help you further understand, Visit The Daily Crushers and join the movement.
AND get yourself a copy of CRUSH IT

Visit the Founding members of The Daily Crushers Here.

Crushing It with Your Passions

This is a secret video, in a secret place, right below the snowline, West of Tahoe. If you get to the end of this, you are well on your way to Cashing in on your passions.

To take it to the next level, head over to the Daily Crushers facebook group to begin the rest of your life.


Get Stoked!

There is so much going on right now that is positive. You don’t believe me? Well for one, if you are reading this, you don’t live in Haiti. That’s good. You can help people there by contributing to relief efforts too and that is hugely positive.
Without getting bogged down in day-to-day scheduled crap, you can pull your head out and see that there is plenty to be stoked about.


Dude, Get stoked

Do you need help getting stoked and getting the feeling of a great workout and riding it out? Click on “Featured Awesomeness,” above.