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World Cup 2010 Germany Beats England and America is Out!


Holy Smokes! This has been an amazing World Cup! The upsets have been profound. I have an idea for instant replay for FIFA. I will put it in my next post.

World Cup 2010 Results


We know who will win! We promise we are right or you can buy us a beer. We guarantee it!

People have strong feelings and you can use them in your office pools or in Vegas.

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Group C England V USA and Slovenia V Algeria!


There is a lot of beer on the line with this group. If you comment who you think will win this group, and they do, I will send you a beer. Steven Remembers 1950 when he was in his twenties and the US upset England. If it happens again and he will kick down a twelver of Sierra Nevada.


England looks good but can they play well against the US?

This is a preview to what will happen in the England V USA game.
I can taste the Sierra Nevada now.

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