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Kirkwood Update with Coop!



Coop tells us a lot of the things that are new at Kirkwood since the partnership with Vail. Sweet!

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Coop and P-Mac at Kirkwood

Best Pull-Up, Chin-Up Exercise


Soccer players and skiers need The Best Pull-Up, Chin-Up Exercise. So do skeet-shooters.
If you do your chin-ups slowly and when you reach the top of your pull, bring up your knees to your chest, you will feel it. You will feel like you are exerting yourself way more than by just doing a normal chin-up. You will be throwing in your core. This saves time and increases stamina and makes people want to put $5 bills in your bathing suit rather than the usual $1 that other people get.
Have fun with this. Do 3 sets of your max and keep track of how many more you can do every time you do it.

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Chin-ups for big hucks!

Chin-ups for big hucks!

This pic is of Aurelien Ducroz hucking at Kirkwood. He shreds on the Freeride World Tour and he is a champion sailor. Check out his site!

Kirkwood Pow The Movie


When somebody walks the walk and talks the talk, amazing things happen. When a marketing director at a ski hill loves to ski like a maniac, community develops and authenticity springs forth and the snow dumps…

Here is the video of Michael Dalzell, marketing guru of Kirkwood Mountain Resort, handing out great tips, advice on Kirkwood and skiing with your family… There are even valuable social media tips.

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This didn't happen At Kirkwood. But it could have.

Daron Rahlves Banzai Tour and Freeride World Tour and Freeskiing World Champs will be there this year.

Shredding with Jess McMillan

The Freeride World Tour hosts freeskiing at it’s best and Jess McMillan knows that the best powder skiing and hucking happens after the best preparation.
Hopefully you have people in your life that absolutely kill-it in their industry and they can give you first-hand advice that can help you in YOUR game.
Hearing fitness and skiing tips from Jess McMillan is like getting financial advice from Donald Trump. She outlines the changes to the women’s pro ski tour and drops some nuggets about pilates. She also throws her hat in the ring to compete in a cutting-edge new sport.

Jess wrote a candid review of the Freeride World Tour‘s changes before they got wise and changed their minds again.

Preparation positions your talent. and if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail

Squaw Valley Freeriding

Life is good. Even when snow conditions are heavy at the bottom of the hill. An avalanche, all the best riders, changes in plans, fun times! Look what happened at Squaw!


So, That was the contest. but look at the killer shredding moves in the valley..

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The secret is ham and eggs before you ski?

Here are the results of the whole event..