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Timy Dutton Tips

Timy Dutton gives his advice on dryland training and fueling up on powder days.

Timy Dutton shows you how to land some tricks. He is doing dryland progressions and training at Woodward Tahoe. He leave you with some diet tips for training and non stop skiing on powder days. This year, he must be glad to have gotten in the training he has. There has been no shortage of Powder days. We are excited about trying the hard-boiled egg tip!

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Timy Dutton gives his advice on dryland training and powder days.


Shredding with Jess McMillan

The Freeride World Tour hosts freeskiing at it’s best and Jess McMillan knows that the best powder skiing and hucking happens after the best preparation.
Hopefully you have people in your life that absolutely kill-it in their industry and they can give you first-hand advice that can help you in YOUR game.
Hearing fitness and skiing tips from Jess McMillan is like getting financial advice from Donald Trump. She outlines the changes to the women’s pro ski tour and drops some nuggets about pilates. She also throws her hat in the ring to compete in a cutting-edge new sport.

Jess wrote a candid review of the Freeride World Tour‘s changes before they got wise and changed their minds again.

Preparation positions your talent. and if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail