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The Netherlands and Germany or Spain- The FIFA 2010 World Cup Finals!


Germany and Spain are about to play and the winner will play The Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup Final! Holy smokes it has been a good month. The Goal Kick Soccer Shop in Sacramento is where we went to get the advice from the pros on who will win and why the officials have sucked so bad and how it is a forgone conclusion that technology will be in the goal here soon.


Please tweet this and share it and leave a comment. Who will win? AND/OR what has been your favorite moment(s)?

Can Germany do it?

World Cup 2010 Germany Beats England and America is Out!


Holy Smokes! This has been an amazing World Cup! The upsets have been profound. I have an idea for instant replay for FIFA. I will put it in my next post.

Group D, “The Group of Death.”


Germany, Australia, Ghana, Serbia- Dominant teams.
Who will make it through?

We have some predictions that may leave you amazed!

There has been so much behind-the scenes learning that has gone into these predictions. Did I say “Behind the scenes,” or “Behind the pint?”

Will you pick Germany too? Don't be so sure.