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Tori Pillinger-Robinson Skier Soccer Player Part 3


This is the third and final part of the Tori Pillinger-Robinson ski and Soccer series and perhaps the most valuable tips are here. Mentorship and Role Modeling and keeping your own fitness up are essential parts of the puzzle. Enjoy!

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Tori Pillinger-Robinson Skier and Soccer Player

Tori Pillinger-Robinson Skier and Soccer Player Shares Role Models

Tori Pillinger Robinson Skier Soccer Player Part 2

Tori Pillinger Robinson Skier Soccer Player is a shredding mom. She agrees with Edith Thys Morgan and gives great advice about teaching your family to love to ski and kayak and climb and play soccer…
If you didn’t see part 1 with Tory Pillinger Robinson, Click here

Here is Edith Thys Morgan’s referenced article.

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Tori Pillinger-Robinson Skier

Tori Pillinger-Robinson Skier,Soccer player, mother, coach,awesome advice-giver

Tori Pillinger-Robinson Skier Soccer Player Part 1


Tori Pillinger-Robinson Skier Soccer Player talked over a cold beverage about who she liked to ski with likes to shred with now some you might recognize like Eva Twardokens, Tamera Mckinney, Cindy Nelson, Edith Thys Morgan,Diann Roffe, Hillary Lindh, Tommy Moe, AJ Kitt, Jeff Olsen and Bob Beatty. If you live in California, Tori Pillinger-Robinson may have humiliated your team on the soccer field. She shares about creating an active family and recovering from injuries. This the first of a 3 part series on how to keep shredding as a soccer player and skier in spite of injuries and family obligations.

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Tori Pillinger Robinson Skier US Ski Team

Tori Pillinger Robinson Skier US Ski Team, Soccer Player, Paddler,Nurse, Mom

Your Philosophy Creates Your Attitude, Actions and Results

You know what makes those decisions to move forward? It is the most important thing in your life. Do you have a garage? If you don’t, don’t worry about it. just go to the next best spot and do some thinking after you watch this post. It can change your attitude, actions and results you have in your life.


Making Slight Edge Decisions

Hello Winners, There is something that you did today that is going to create a huge difference in your life. There is also something that you didn’t do that is going to crush you if you keep doing it.
It’s here in this quick video. Remember to leave a quick comment, too. We need to know from you what these things are.