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Shredding with Jess McMillan

The Freeride World Tour hosts freeskiing at it’s best and Jess McMillan knows that the best powder skiing and hucking happens after the best preparation.
Hopefully you have people in your life that absolutely kill-it in their industry and they can give you first-hand advice that can help you in YOUR game.
Hearing fitness and skiing tips from Jess McMillan is like getting financial advice from Donald Trump. She outlines the changes to the women’s pro ski tour and drops some nuggets about pilates. She also throws her hat in the ring to compete in a cutting-edge new sport.

Jess wrote a candid review of the Freeride World Tour‘s changes before they got wise and changed their minds again.

Preparation positions your talent. and if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail

Shredder Syndicate


Shredder Syndicate is similar to an ancient group of hairy dudes cornering a water buffalo to kill it. This happened commonly since man could walk and use tools. We still do it. Only now, the people are less-hairy, better-looking and the water buffalo is a niche of online traffic that involves outdoor sports ad, snow sports ads, action sports advertising, skiing website advertising, river store advertising, outdoor sports advertising and outdoor online store advertising. This group is a tribe of some of the rippingest skiers and boarders on the planet. For you shredders, you may know them. People that have never seen snow, are going to know them.

*Nick Devore- http://nickdevore.com

*Austin Ross- http://www.austinross.ca

*Julian Carr- http://juliancarr.com

*Shaun Raskin- http://shaunraskin.com/

*Jenn Berg- http://jennberg.com/

* Grete Eliassen- http://greteeliassen.com/

* Chris Tatsuno – http://www.christatsuno.com/

* Jamey Parks – http://jameyparks.com/

* Jess McMillan – http://www.jessmcmillan.com/

* Kim Havell – http://www.havelltravels.com/

* Noah Howell – http://www.noahhowell.com/

* Jackie Paaso – http://jackiepaaso.com/

* Weston Deutschlander – http://www.westond.com/

* Pip Hunt – http://www.adventuresofpip.com/

* Claire Smallwood – http://www.clairesmallwood.com/

* Vanessa Aadland – http://www.vanessaaadland.com/

These Shredders Huck Themselves Often.

Here is another killer, Shredder vid. Go Grete!

Jess McMillan Killing It in Chamonix

The Freeride World Tour is on and Jess McMillan just pulled a first among the women Skiers! She is “Crusheling” to say the least. The French McDonald’s wifi might be slow but she isn’t.

Raise a glass and toast Jess after she answers every question. This way you will have something to do for the awkward silence during the time-delay.
Check it!

Tweet the hell out of Jess’ post for her!

Jess McMillan Shredder Interview

Freeskiing Champion, Jess McMillan is “Crusheling.” She hucks more than most people. Just recently, she won the Freeskiing Championships at Revelstoke B.C.

Hear what pearls of wisdom she drops about fitness and inspiration as she packs her bags for Chamonix and Austria.

By the way, there is a horrible echo on my end but you didn’t come to hear me anyway- Listen to Jess.

AND- The interview had to be cut off to keep it PG-rated. You will have to tune in for round two where she shares her memories of Shane McConkey and what she will be up to at Squaw Valley the last week of February-first week of March.


For those of you who will watch the Olympics for the figure skating, This is a huck. This is Jess giving a flying huck in Verbier, Switzerland in fact.

Put a helmet on, hold on and check out her blog, JessMcMillan.com

…and follow her on twitter @JessMcMillan

And even if you don’t give a flying huck, please tweet this post.