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The Sports Show to Change the World


The ski season is ON! It just dumped 4 feet of fresh near Sugar Bowl and Halloween is next week!
We are stoked! This is the Sizzle reel for ESPN and the Discovery Channel to hopefully fight over and help us to get the message out.

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Having fun with friends and getting advice from pros is what we love!

Skiing and Staying Stoked with Jonny Moseley


This Post will help you to stay stoked and it could just be the thing that makes it snow finally.

There is only one thing that you can really control…… Your attitude. You can’t make it snow or improve conditions. So you work on yourself. Improve your game. Challenge Yourself.

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Jonny Moseley says skiing and being stoked depends on you, not the snow.

Jonny Moseley Interview Chairlift Conversations Part 2


There are two turning-tips in there and one other giant nugget of advice for you on keeping up and staying true to your fitness in this video. Jonny Moseley shows you how to initiate a quick turn in moguls and what to do and think about so you stay over your skis and out of the back-seat. He also shows how priorities determine if you are going to be working and hitting fitness goals or not.
Squaw is still un-defeated as my favorite hill with their terrain and killer experiences like this.

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Recaping the day with Jonny Moseley

Jonny Moseley Interview at Squaw Valley


Jonny Moseley has some great advice for you in the new year. He talks about how to develop and go after new goals, what he has in store for 2011, and weather or not he will enter any comps like Daron Rhalves Banzai Tour. I am entered! We could be going head-to-head! This was a lot of fun and the first in a 3-part interview-series. Parts 2-3 coming soon, straight from Squaw Valley!

Jonny Moseley Chairlift Interview At Squaw Valley from Patrick McIntosh on Vimeo.


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Jonny Moseley- Is he doing the Daron Rhalves Banzai Tour?

Squaw has some cool stuff on the calendar. Check it out here.