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Beaver Bowl Banzai The Movie


The Beaver Bowl Banzai event was even more of a blast than anticipated. Here, you will see some commentary that will give you some practical eating-habits to emulate so that you can ski and board like a champ. Nate Holland, Errol Kerr, Kristina Revello, Langley McNeal, JB Benna, Grahm Watanabe, to name a few, keep their tips up so that you can learn from them. Here are the results again, in case you missed them

Untitled from Patrick McIntosh on Vimeo.

I learned a lot during my first race. Here are two things: Don’t ski on your new skis because they are new. Ski on your most appropriate boards, regardless if they are old. I wanted to ride my new boards and they were chattering and flopping around on the ice. I should have used my old racers. Even if they are 10 years old, they would have grabbed the ice and carved better. I didn’t want to show up to a comp with old gear. I was worried about what other people would think and that is ALWAYS complete bu11$hit and a stumbling block in life. I wished I would have remembered that.

Don’t psych yourself out. I thought I was going to make a huge impact in the race the faster I went. What a foolish thing to think. I am a 6th grade teacher and blogger by day and a “weekend warrior-skier.” I am up with Olympians and X-Games medalists and pros of all shapes and sizes. I should have just been wanting to have a fun run and just SKI it. I was happy to just be there and be in the mix. As I was in the start gate, my butterflies in my stomach flew up my throat and into my head. I became an adrenaline machine instead of just being my fun-skiing-self. I crashed and was out. Oh well. I will just have fun the next race and likely end up doing well.

Beaver-Bowl-Banzai Results


The Rahlves, Beaver-Bowl Banzai results will be posted here on Saturday, January 22nd by 3:30 pm, Pacific, Straight from Alpine Meadows!, Lake Tahoe!

Mens Skiers to race on Sunday(in order):
1. Errol Kerr, C. haskel, J Hanley, J. Maddex, C. Moffatt, D. Zeffaro, B> DEvine, B, Nyman, M. Torrie, C. McKean, A. Shawn, R. Farmin, M. Cullen, J. Water, C. Hernandez, T. Queen, J. Smith, B. Sheehan, M. Gadomski, T. Hunter, A. Thorne, G. Collins, M. Caston, G. Hovorka, M. Weiner, T. Wolfe, E. Haines, S. Horn, J. Schou, J. Lim, N. Suarez, T. Bachman 1:23.01

Womens Skiers to race on Sunday:

Women Ski:
Caitlin Robb 1:16.94, R. Kristina, S. Rahlves, M. Gill, L. McNeil, S.Robertson, A.Robb, R. McElroy, A. Keefe, Q.A. Young, J. Allen, C. Georges, L. Suen, C. Prescott, K. Durfee, D. Keith 2:26.27

Men Board:
Grahm Watanabe 1:24.50, Nate Holland, S. Duclos, M. Clark, B. Bozack, C. Meyers, R. Findon, J Kosich, T. Alexander, D. Krenicki, K. Davis, E. Ryan, R. Folsom, J. Cahill, N. Langkamp, J,Burrill, S. Tetzlaff, T. Foster, A. Cullen 4:44.57

Women Board:
Alison Martin 3:02.03, Amanda Spence, Courtney Baker, 5:09.28

Mens Skier Champs: 1.Marcus Caston, 2. Eroll Kerr, 3.Brian Sheehan
Women’s Skier Champs 1. Shannon Rahlves, 2 . Shelly Robertson, 3. Chloe Georges

Mens Snowboard Champs1, Sylvain Duclos, 2. Gram Watanabe 3. Matt Clark

Womens Snowboard Champs 1.Alison Martin, 2.Courtney Baker, 3. Amanda Spence

Here are the Champs

Daron Rahlves and Nate Holland Scout the Banzai Race at Alpine Meadows


Daron Rahlves and Nate Holland in Tahoe at Alpine Meadows, preparing for the race that will push the envelope of ski racing further into the awesomeness realm.
“You mean I can register for a ski/snowboard race that combines all disciplines, race against pros and be in the running to win $10,000.00 and a chunk of $50,000.00?” The answer to this question is, “Yes.” I did. You can too. Daron Rahlves and Nate Holland explain it here. Buck up and throw-down.

Daron Rhalves and Nate Holland Scout the Banzai at Alpine from Patrick McIntosh on Vimeo.

here is the link to get yer butt off the fence and into the comp or just more info: http://www.rahlvesbanzai.com/

This is the venue that kicks-off the changes to skiing that the world is ready for.