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Fitness Success for Slackers


Fitness training if you are a slacker is never easy.  Fitness training for a busy person isn’t either. In fact, I think it is the same amount of difficulty. I think this because a busy person is really a slacker- only busier.  Busy people use the same excuses. All the excuses for not working out vary on the spectrum of, 
“… I didn’t have time…”

One huge difference between successful people and busy people is how they handle failure.

Quick explanation:

All people will fail. Successful people will get back on their horse quickly after falling off. Busy people will fill their time with less- productive activity and forget to manage themselves and create time to work-out, execute, market or do the daily thing they need to do.

Here is the nugget that successful people do and one that I am wrestling with right now.

Manage yourself so you can limit your failure-rate and get back up quickly when you fail by doing this:

Weekly planing night. Plan your week and post it and communicate it to your spouse or your pet if you aren’t married. This will create the foundation for accountability to happen.

That’s it. I said it. Do it or don’t do it. It is easy to do and not do.

We use Nextfit trainers to keep on track and they show up when we tell them to. You can find out how to bring the best trainers to your house by clicking the Nextfit banner on the top of this page.

This advice has and continues to make a difference for me. Please share it and tweet if you feel the same. Thanks for being here.


What does this post have to do with Isaac from the Love Boat? I like Success and I like Isaac from the Love Boat.

Get Some Fitness Goals and Hit Them.

One and a half months have passed since New Years Eve.How you doin?
If you are like me, you can let your busy schedule interfere with your exercise routine. You want the hook up on how you can keep yourself on task and get real results?

This is off the chain. The biggest online library of workouts in the world- download it daily to your mp3 device. Here’s Jeff D.Jensen with the scoop.

Shameless self-promotion? Nope. We do make money with Nextfit and if you dig it please connect with us BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, this is amazing and has been revolutionizing my fitness life. Gotta share it.

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Getting trained by the top trainers alive...

Eye of the Hurricane


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