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Best Pull-Up, Chin-Up Exercise


Soccer players and skiers need The Best Pull-Up, Chin-Up Exercise. So do skeet-shooters.
If you do your chin-ups slowly and when you reach the top of your pull, bring up your knees to your chest, you will feel it. You will feel like you are exerting yourself way more than by just doing a normal chin-up. You will be throwing in your core. This saves time and increases stamina and makes people want to put $5 bills in your bathing suit rather than the usual $1 that other people get.
Have fun with this. Do 3 sets of your max and keep track of how many more you can do every time you do it.

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Chin-ups for big hucks!

Chin-ups for big hucks!

This pic is of Aurelien Ducroz hucking at Kirkwood. He shreds on the Freeride World Tour and he is a champion sailor. Check out his site!

Laird Hamilton’s Pilates Ball Exercise


Soccer Players and Skiers and ping-pong players! Laird Hamilton teaches this in his awesome book, A Force of Nature. Your legs are gonna love this. Stand on a pilates ball and get your balance. Laird Hamilton describes how you must work up to the point where you can just jump up there. I demonstrate how you do it with a few layers of safety, with a railing and a chin-up bar. Your balance and core gets a great hammering here. This is great for enhancing your proprioception.

laird-hamilton-shark Pilates

Soccer players and Skiers can Take things to the extreme like Laird Hamilton

Thanks for sharing this and tweeting it and for DOING this exercise. One more fit soccer player, skier or dart player in your community makes it a better community. Thanks Laird Hamilton!


Raise a Skier and Soccer Player Edith Thys Morgan


A skier and soccer player have huge commonalities. Muscle groups, mindset instinct… The list is too long to rattle off. I’d rather make reference of a sweet article that Edith Thys Morgan wrote for the Ski Magazine Noovember 2010 issue. It was “The Family Issue.” With all the things going on in my family with a 2-year old and a new morn, this issue is the one that has never rotated out of the bathroom. It’s pages are wrinkled and warped and permanently curled backward and dog-eared. I will have to wash my hands in a few minutes after perusing it yet again. I love the things in life that are universally true and their facts can be applied to numerous things. Hence this awesome soccer player and skier blog.
Here is what Edith Thys Morgan,former U.S. Olympian has to say about raising her children to love skiing so that they can have a “Skiing Family.” As you read this, substitute the word “skiing,” for your favorite discipline to get what you need out of this.

If you do what she does, you will have an “ahhhhh-moment” where all your efforts pay off and you can have the life you have imagined, from then on.- Check this out…!

1. Be cheerful in the process your teaching. When kids sense frustration in you, they hone in for the kill like sharks do with blood in the water. Keep it fun and never let on that you would rather be doing anything else like ripping 3 feet of new pow.
“Rolling around in the snow, making snowballs, watching chipmunks- As long as it was done with ski boots on, it counted as a ski day.”

2.Bribery Works! Fill your pockets with bite-sized treats to stave-off melt-downs. Gummi Bears, M & M’s Tootsie Rolls.. they work great and a cherry cough-drop will work in a pinch.

3. Limit the options. Keep it pleasant but autocratic with “either-or” choices rather than “yes or no” options. Example: “do you want to put on your left or right boot first?” as opposed to, “Do you want to put on your boots now?”

4. Used is Useful! Hand-me-down gear with the names of older cousins or siblings on them are cool. These kids look up to their older counter parts and they appreciate being able to ride “So-and-so’s” old skis.

5. Know when to quit. Stop when the kids say “stop,” or you know they have had enough. You are much more likely going to be able to get them out skiing again if their most recent memory was not a battle over it.

Is this some sweet, simple truth for you? I hope you think so.
Don’t just wait to play soccer or for the snow to start falling to apply it with your soccer player or skier. Pick a couple of these to start with your family members/students today.

Edith’s “AHHHHH-moment” was when her whole family was on the lift and everybody was smiling.

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I also want to say Thank You to Atomic for helping me to roll around in the snow, make snowballs, watch chipmunks- As long as I do it with Atomic ski boots on!
You guys are awesome!

You can create a Skiing, soccer playing,_______ Family

I don’t want to stiff ya, without a video. This IS a video blog after all. -Watch Kids Who Rip!

Killer Sprinting Drill


This Killer Sprinting and Cutting Drill is compliments of El Dorado Hills Gym, Full Throttle Fitness. Dan Pierce is the man when it comes to demonstrating what exercises will make the difference for his students. This Killer Sprinting and Cutting Drill is highly endorsed by this awesome Soccer player and Skier blog. Great skiing and soccer exercise! Shoot, this will help you catch the meter-maid as she is writing you up in the city for parking in front of a hydrant near the Napper Tandy.- Shout-out to Melchester Rovers.


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Skier and Soccer Player

If you are a skier, if you are a soccer player, if you are not, you will like this sprinting drill.

Pro Ski Instruction Jeremy Allen

Jeremy Allen dropped a nugget of advice that you can apply to every aspect of your life. If you live in your comfort-zone, you are the same person you were yesterday. You are the same skier and you will be the same tomorrow. Do what he says. Release yourself from your barriers and push yourself.

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Get outside your comfort-zone... but wear your helmet.