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Soccer Player!

Soccer Players! Do you know what futsal is? I didn’t know either. It is mini-soccer, basically. It is indoor-soccer but like on a basketball court-sized field, where the ball can go out-of-bounds.
Bruce Backman- the Del Campo High School(Sacramento/Carmichael, CA) Girls soccer coach, is putting on a tournament. It is April 1,2 and 3rd at Del Campo High School.
If you have a Under-10 through Under-19 boys or girls team and you can make it. You are IN!
Cost is $150 per team. Just call it “mini-soccer,” would ya?! It will eliminate the question that everybody, including myself, ask Coach Bruce Backman.- “What the heck is futsal?”

Sign up here!

By the way, I played Calcetto in Italy. “Calcetto” just means, “mini-soccer” in Italian. no confusion.


The World Cup IS Over. Now What?


The World Cup is over so what you gonna do? Get back to work. Sleep in. Keep the TV off. How about this. Play more and PASS more. What do I mean? Make connections. Play BIG and help people out!

What are you collaborating on right now? How can you make connections between other people? Do it. Be a connector.
Please tweet this, like it and share it. Be a connector.



Make passes but also take a shot

Get Back Up and Get Going!

Life dishes out the hits. Walk it off and get back out there.

Life dishes out the hits. Walk it off and get back out there.

Life is great. Ya know, you get the crap beat out of you and you can decide what to do. You can stay down or you can get up.

Life dishes out the hits. and sends in the clouds for you to see the silver lining in them. Just 11 months ago I decided to not warm up enough before a soccer game. I was going hard from the whistle. I ran hard and stopped quick. SNAP! Life changed for a while.

Well the cadaver that gave me a ligament in my ACL surgery must have been a good soccer player when he was alive cause I got game still.

What I’m really most proud of is that I got up. I got back out there. I didn’t start playing too soon. I did a lot of rehab and rest but the stuff I am most stoked about is that I got up after being knocked down.

What ever has you down after a fall, shirk it off now and get yer @$$ back up! You will get charged up too!

Here is a little video to keep it real.