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Big Truck Hats Pow POV


Big Truck Hats has an awesome story. Galen Gifford shares it here, on the KT22 Chair at Squaw and ripping pow turns on Red Dog. The Garage is the best room in the house and the brands that start in the garage are the best. Big Truck is killing it and growing. Take any success principle from this video and run with it.

Galen Gifford and Big Truck Hats. Passion, friendship, love, Awesome.

Skiing and Bryce Bennett USA Ski Team Diet

Bryce Bennett Eats to Ski Fast


Skiing and Bryce Bennett at Squaw Valley… While he was home on vacation from the rigors of the World Cup Circuit, we caught up and talked a lot about life and the breakfast, lunch and dinner of a top-level ski racer. Oh yeah, and how much water to drink.
We hope you learn something here about what you should be eating for skiing and success on the hill. We also show his killer Atomic Coax skis.

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Bryce Bennett eats 8 eags a day!

Skiing and Haiku Prayers for Snow


It is important to pray and have faith that your prayers will be answered.
Enjoy a good laugh but after,……… Pray!

Pray for snow and what you ask in faith will be given untu you and all your ripping friends.

Squaw Valley Buys Alpine Meadows


Squaw Valley Buys Alpine Meadows?! Are you kidding me?! …… YES!

This is breaking news from a few weeks ago and the news comes FIRST via this awesome Ski and soccer blog. It is great to hear and fun to share. Lucas befriended us with ice cold lager in the Squaw Valley Parking lot and cave us something to dream about.
When this comes to fruition, this will be the most awesome resort in the West! Spread the fake rumor and it may come true!
Skiers and Soccer players and everybody,… Squaw Valley Buys Alpine Meadows!… Sometime in the future…. Perhaps…. we hope… That would be awesome!

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Chris Culp and Pat McIntosh Discuss Squaw and Alpine's future at KT

Squaw Valley Sorta Secret Chute 75


Squaw Valley is awesome. Even in this late season, with the KT chair the only lift running, you can access some of the best terrain in the sierra. Local shredder, Mehdi Rangchi reminds us of the stuff that you should not miss when you are there. Follow the sun. Let the ice soften into some nice corn for at least an hour and avoid the shade. Mehdi is so stoked on his Atomic Access skis, he talked like a Kung-Fu master.

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Chute 75 is a killer gem.

Travis Ganong Corn Snow Season Review


It is important to look behind you every so often to remind yourself how far you’ve come and avoid looking at all the ground you haven’t covered yet. This year has been amazing. The best and the most snow in memory. For Travis Ganong, it has been huge too. Picture yourself competing at the highest level for your discipline. (You should picture it or you will never actually do it, by the way) Travis has been in the U.S. ski team, on the World Cup circuit and lets you in on skiing the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühel, Austria. He lets you in on some Squaw Valley Secrets, too.- Sort of.

Travis Ganong, Patrick McIntosh and Mehdi Rangchi harvesting corn and laughs.

Jonny Moseley Interview Chairlift Conversations Part 2


There are two turning-tips in there and one other giant nugget of advice for you on keeping up and staying true to your fitness in this video. Jonny Moseley shows you how to initiate a quick turn in moguls and what to do and think about so you stay over your skis and out of the back-seat. He also shows how priorities determine if you are going to be working and hitting fitness goals or not.
Squaw is still un-defeated as my favorite hill with their terrain and killer experiences like this.

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Recaping the day with Jonny Moseley

Skiing Success at Squaw Valley


This is the first stop on the Ski School Secrets tour and Squaw drops a bomb for you for what it takes to create success with students and an operation.

Two vids are here for you.  The First is the goods for those of you in a hurry.
The second is the full-meal-deal for you who like to have fun and have 2 more minutes to invest in your mental health.

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Great views, great snow, great ski program

Squaw Valley Freeriding

Life is good. Even when snow conditions are heavy at the bottom of the hill. An avalanche, all the best riders, changes in plans, fun times! Look what happened at Squaw!


So, That was the contest. but look at the killer shredding moves in the valley..

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The secret is ham and eggs before you ski?

Here are the results of the whole event..