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World Cup 2010 Germany Beats England and America is Out!


Holy Smokes! This has been an amazing World Cup! The upsets have been profound. I have an idea for instant replay for FIFA. I will put it in my next post.

The US Beat Algeria and top group C!

[tweetmeme] What looked like a script from the movie Rocky or Rudy, could not have been topped! In extra time, the US (Donovan) scores and sends the Algerians home and the World into a frenzy. In this game, too, a goal was called back that was clear and perfect. The US proves that tenacity and grit always pay off. Now, They are out for the trophy and can do it.

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The Rocky theme song should be in your head right now.

Watch Highlights Here.

World Cup 2010 Group B


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Argentina, Nigeria, Korea and Greece- What the hell do we know? It’s all conjecture, but from a couple of skier/ soccer players who play and watch the game, it is more than your grandma knows about the upcoming tournament. Group B.


Ugly French dudes make the game interesting.