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The Sports Show to Change the World


The ski season is ON! It just dumped 4 feet of fresh near Sugar Bowl and Halloween is next week!
We are stoked! This is the Sizzle reel for ESPN and the Discovery Channel to hopefully fight over and help us to get the message out.

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Having fun with friends and getting advice from pros is what we love!

Brandi Chastain Series Part 2 Reach Up!


Brandi Chastain shares impacting others, specifically young girls with Reach-Up!, her foundation to enrich the lives of females through sports. Great philosophy to follow for coaches, teachers and parents as well as kids.
Watch what she says about helping others think about what they want in life. She doesn’t just preach or offer advice or ask that lousy question, “What do you want to be when you grow up/” It is something far more powerful and personal.

Go to Brandi’s site- www.brandisworld.com and check it out. Cool resources for players!

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Brandi Chastain talks about uplifting others beyond the World Cup

Brandi Chastain signs an autograph.

Brandi Chastain signs an autograph.

Brandi Chastain ESPN 2011

Brandi Chastain ESPN Womens World Cup Soccer 2011

Squaw Valley Sorta Secret Chute 75


Squaw Valley is awesome. Even in this late season, with the KT chair the only lift running, you can access some of the best terrain in the sierra. Local shredder, Mehdi Rangchi reminds us of the stuff that you should not miss when you are there. Follow the sun. Let the ice soften into some nice corn for at least an hour and avoid the shade. Mehdi is so stoked on his Atomic Access skis, he talked like a Kung-Fu master.

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Chute 75 is a killer gem.

Travis Ganong Corn Snow Season Review


It is important to look behind you every so often to remind yourself how far you’ve come and avoid looking at all the ground you haven’t covered yet. This year has been amazing. The best and the most snow in memory. For Travis Ganong, it has been huge too. Picture yourself competing at the highest level for your discipline. (You should picture it or you will never actually do it, by the way) Travis has been in the U.S. ski team, on the World Cup circuit and lets you in on skiing the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühel, Austria. He lets you in on some Squaw Valley Secrets, too.- Sort of.

Travis Ganong, Patrick McIntosh and Mehdi Rangchi harvesting corn and laughs.

Become a Soccer Fanatic


If you aren’t already, this video will make you one. A raging, prideful, patriotic, thoughtful player.

More posts on the groups start tomorrow. This is for you to relax with and enjoy.
Thanks for being here. It’s okay if you get choked up watching this video and a grin takes over your face.

This pic is of the Confederations cup, Last year, in South Africa! The US lead Brasil for 64 minutes and it was 2-0 at the Half! Well, it ended 3-2 Brasil.

Where were YOU last World Cup? Leave a comment!

World Cup 2010 Group B


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Argentina, Nigeria, Korea and Greece- What the hell do we know? It’s all conjecture, but from a couple of skier/ soccer players who play and watch the game, it is more than your grandma knows about the upcoming tournament. Group B.


Ugly French dudes make the game interesting.

Group A World Cup!


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We hook you up on what is going to happen with group A. Who do YOU think will make it through?


Here is the abreviated semi-final for the Champion’s League.

Get Ready for the World Cup!


Holy Smokes- less than 60 days left! Are you ready? This video gives you a little sneak peak into the action. Plus, This begins our commitment to being the most off-the-wall-World Cup commentary show on the web!

This starts the first installment of the posted mayhem surrounding the matches. I want to personally tell you that I want to earn your desire to make PatrickMcIntosh.com your first stop in your quest for World-Cup action!

2010 Will Be Tops! Ya Know Why?

The view ahead, look aswesome.

The view ahead, look aswesome.

The world is not perfect. Thank God it is not. Frankly it would be boring. There are ups and downs. And again, Thank God, because this is going to be an up-up year.

Here’s one reason why. – Well, two. The World Cup and the Winter Olympics.

The best of the best are going to bring it and when the best of the best bring it and share it, a lot of synergy happens. The training is already happening. Look at this training. Do you train this hard to ultimately give to others?

You wanna see proof of this happening go to Heather Taskovicks Blog and see this!


The world is not perfect. If it were, soccer would be in BOTH  Summer and Winter Olympics.