Time-Saving Workouts For Busy Skiers and Soccer Players


I’ve been adjusting my schedule to accommodate work/business and family and play and keep the hierarchy of important things in order. It is no joke I often sacrifice my workout because I am busy. It is a trap. Stuff begins to fall apart. Here are two videos that break down some killer, short workouts; 1 cardio and metabolism revving and the other core. Enjoy. There are millions like these on line. Use these and do a quick search so that when you have 15 minutes, you can get in a quickie. At he end, I want to say a quick thanks and include some good tips from some great friends.



I want to say thanks to some great peeps for cool advice. I put this out on Facebook and I got some good feedback:
“Advice for fitting in a daily workout when you are busy as hell?”
Casady M. Henry You have to make an appointment with yourself, and treat it as you would an appointment with anyone else. Honor the time.
Beverly McGregor Monical Schedule it just like everything else and don’t break the appointment. It’s important for your longevity!
Piper Gray-Jackson Get up at 4:30 like I do & go to the gym. If I don’t get it done in the morning chances are its not happening. Life w/3 kids keeps me busy during the day. Good
Jason Korich Run everywhere!!!
Rob Glatthaar Get a job doing labor. I never hear laborers wishing they had time to workout.
Rachel Pond Camero Just commit to making it happen. Time is not something you have, it’s something you make.
Eric Vahle Make it a priority like eating, sleeping, showering, etc. You’ll find it begins to become routine and time becomes less of a problem. My experience anyway…
Kristen Williams Lunge instead of walking and do 10 burpees every hour :)
Jeff Galvin Clean house in a hurry: fast walking, lifting, bending, stretching, scrubing, lunging. House really clean and exercise done.
Jason Lievore Yup 4:30′s the answer I get up every morning and go to the gym. Never thought going so early was something I could do or like but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love it!!
Angela Derobertis Howe Working on the 16th floor.
Dawn E Leyva I have just started exercising again, and I find it easiest to literally fall out of bed and start with sit-ups on the floor!

Thanks Gang! We all love a good workout!

You can DO IT! Make the time for your work out!

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